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*1. Do you like to work in an office at a desk, or in a manufacturing plant, or out in the "field?"
*2. Do you like to be physically active at work? Or do you prefer sitting as you work?
*3. Would you rather fix "real, physical problems", such as those found on at a construction site or manufacturing plant? Or would you rather fix business problems such those found in an office environment?
*4. What do you enjoy most?
*5. Which of the following do you or would you like to work on? (Check all that apply)
*6. Which of the following seminars would you rather attend?
*7. Which of the following problems would you feel most proud of resolving, if you had all the skills you needed in order to do so?
*8. If you had all the skills necessary, which of the following would like to get paid well for (choose all that apply):
*9. How many of the following personality characteristics describe you? (Check all that apply)
*10. How would you rate your ability to understand generally how “things” are constructed?
*11. When something is broken, what is your general approach?
*12. Are you interested in being able to do work that requires multiple trade skills, such as facilities maintenance?
*13. Do you like working with power tools and equipment?
*14. Would you rather wear casual work clothes, or business clothes?
*15. If needed to fix a problem, would you be willing to get dirty crawling under a house for instance?
*16. Did someone who influenced your life (such as a relative or mentor) work in the manufacturing, building or repairing trades?
*17. Which of the following trades do you have an interest learning?

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